Monday, April 12, 2010


I'm closing my Yoga studio this week.

Yep. Been there, done that. It's really about purging. Getting rid of anchors in my life. I'm a well-known pack-rat so this is a challenge. I'm completely at peace about closing it down. It's the "cleaning up and throwing out" that causes me so much anxiety. Actually touching each piece of paper and thing that has accumulated there over the last two and a half years makes me want to jump off of a bridge. How do we collect so much crap?

When I first really started to practice Yoga, I chose the Yama of Aparigraha as my control of choice; non-hoarding. And let me tell you, as a self-proclaimed pack-rat, this was no easy feat. I was able to begin to really observe how much crap I had but I have never really mastered the art of letting go of the said crap.

And the thing that I'm learning is; I already have what I need. Oh sure, I preach this to my students all the time but I'm a terrible student. I like to learn things the hard way. I didn't even learn this lesson when my sister's home burned to the ground on my 24th birthday and they had nothing but the clothes on their backs. They were all safe but they had nothing.

And now here I am, praying everyday for abundance. I heard myself tell a friend last week, "We have so much crap that we can't even appreciate what we have." WOW! That profound statement actually came out of my mouth????

It dawned on me that to truly have abundance, you have to let go of what is not serving you. Again, WOW.... I mean, I'm a Yankee, born and bred in New England. It is drilled into our heads since we're knee-high to grasshoppers, "Waste not, want not." How come it takes so long for that to sink in?

So, this week I am clearing away crap. Crap I don't need. Crap that will serve someone else better than it is currently serving me. And after I'm done closing down my studio and getting rid of crap there, I will begin to clear out the crap in the rest of my life.

To be continued....

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