Friday, July 9, 2010

YO! Adrienne!

I have a guardian angel and her name is Adrienne.

Up until about 3 years ago I didn't believe in angels. At all. Total hogwash, if you had asked me. And the thing is they were trying to get my attention. When we were packing up to move from our condo into our current home 7 years ago I came across a sizable medallion of AA Michael slaying the dragon in my kitchen drawer. I had never seen it before and no one, including my hyper-superstitious mother-in-law, owned up to putting it there. We lived in that condo for 6 years, and I had never seen it until we were packing to leave. In this house I keep him on the window sill above the kitchen sink so I can see him everyday.

When I opened my Yoga studio 3 years ago, the space was full of dark energy. Negative vibrations filled every nook and cranny so I hired a sound healer to come and clear the space. This was a trauma filled afternoon where I actually had physical reactions to the energy being released. At one point the healer held a Tibetan brass bowl near my throat. As she sounded the bowl she looked in my eyes and smiled, saying, "This is the sound the angels ride in on". At that moment I had a fluttering sensation in my throat so strong it was as if I had swallowed a small bird. In that moment I found my belief in the angel realm. I was as incredulous in this belief as the holiday commercial when the M&M's intrude upon Santa and one of them cries, "He really does exist!".

A month or so after this experience, I was sitting in the car at our grocery store thinking about angels and my belief system when out of a clear blue fall sky came a large white feather floating down without a bird in sight. This was a feather the size of a seagulls and I live in the foothills of the Berkshire mountains. We never get seagulls here.

So these validations stayed with me but I had no idea what to do with them. I knew my father had believed in angels and he told us repeatedly that his guardian angel was named George. When I asked him how he knew he said, "I just asked him his name and he told me". So I started asking for my angel to tell me his/her name. I started calling out to them. "Hello? Anyone home with wings on?" But I never got an answer. I asked other people and they told me the same thing. Ask and you shall receive. Still nothing.

Then one day, my beautiful business partners were doing an energy healing on me. During the healing, in my mind's eye I saw this amazing angel hovering near my left side. He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen and I knew that somehow he was protecting me. And he could communicate with me. I asked him what his name was and he told me, "Michael. But you already knew that." Near my right foot there was a magnificent female angel. So I asked Michael, "Is she mine?" He replied, "Yes." I asked him what her name was and he told me, "Adrienne". At that point Michael moved further away from me but stayed present as Adrienne took over. After the healing, I felt so much peace just knowing that someone, anyone, was watching out for me, just me.

Since then, I occasionally feel her near me. Mostly standing behind me. She is very tall; probably eight feet. And she is beautiful. I know that she is protecting me. Sometimes I call out to her but I still haven't gotten comfortable with making this a regular practice. So I have been practicing. And, no, I don't yell, "YO! Adrienne!", although I think she gets a kick out of that.

Recently, I have been getting a calling to advance my gifts and career (stay tuned for how exactly!) and Monday I saw an ad for a course that seemed to fit just what I was looking to do. But I was nervous about this particular course, not sure if it was the right one that I was being called to. So I asked Adrienne to send me a sign. "Please" I implored her, "guide me to the right path and if this is it, please show me a sign". All week I have been looking. Nothing. I have been waiting somewhat patiently. Nothing. I asked again, nicely. Nothing. Until last night.

The kids had a play at camp and I parked in the parking lot, unloaded the chairs and food, and went to set up. I made several trips back and forth to the car on the same path. As we were getting ready to leave I saw a hand painted sign by the end parking space. I had passed it 5 times and not seen it. It said, "Adrienne Parking Only" and there was a little star painted above her name. It was all the validation that I needed.

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